About Us

  • 2012-09-09 18:03:38

Buddhakos Foundation

was founded by a small group of Buddhists who have a clear vision and firm confidence in the Buddha’s words (Buddhavacana). The group is inspired by the teachings of Ven. Ajahn Kukrit Sotthibalo who emphasizes the original Buddhavacana, consisting of the Teaching and Discipline (Dhammavinaya) proclaimed by the Buddha to be complete and correct in both the letter and spirit.

Ven. Ajahn Kukrit, Sakyaputtiya Samana, has inherited the Buddha's Teachings, which was first taught to the sixty Arahants at the Deer Park in Sarnath.  From the time of the Buddha's first discourse onwards, the Buddha began to set forth the standards and rules for all disciples during his life time.

We believe the Buddhavacana is the answer to the uncertainty and the ambiguity which exists in the Buddhist assemblies who do not adhere faithfully to the Buddha Gotama's discourses (Sutta).

Ven. Ajahn Kukrit has officially declared that his teaching is not his own and that he simply follows the original teaching of the Buddha.   He has spent all his time and energy in spreading the Buddhavacana to the people so that the Buddha’s original teaching itself would be the principal guidance, just as it was in the days of the Buddha.

The Buddhavacana will create clear, non-conflicting knowledge and understanding of the Teaching and will also provide a happy and joyful path that people can employ and verify for themselves.

As the number of Buddhavacana members grows, the Buddhavacana idea will hopefully become a new mainstream Buddhist tradition.  These teachings are generating a new phenomenon in that people are going back to learning the Teaching as it was presented in the Buddha's time.

Buddhavacana media, in the form of books and CDs etc., which are distributed free of charge to all, are becoming scarce as demand is growing rapidly.   As Ven. Ajahn Kukrit follows strictly the way of practice laid down by the Buddha, the distribution of the Buddhavacana materials have been supported solely by the donations given freely by lay people.   The books and CDs that are given out depending on their limited availability.

Ven. Ajahn Kukrit's idea is that the duty of preserving and spreading the Dhamma belongs not only to the monastics but to all Buddhists.   In order to proceed with Ven. Ajahn Kukrit's aims, a group has come together to help disseminate the Buddhavacana systematically to the world.

A legally recognized foundation has been created in order to perform all the tasks in a clear and transparent manner.

The principle activities of Buddhakos Foundation , a foundation for the Publication of the Buddha’s Teachings, with a clear vision and firm confidence in the Buddhavacana:

1.  A vision to collect, promote and maintain the Buddhavacana, the Teachings and Discipline proclaimed by the Buddha himself

2.  Obligations

- To promote a clear, right and complete understanding of Buddhavacana to the world- To publish Buddhavacana in suitable media channels- To support Buddhavacana practices by providing buildings and personnel- To organize Buddhavacana practice groups in mainstream Buddhist channels- To consolidate a network of people interested in the Buddhavacana- To cooperate among monasteries, companies and organizations who support the Buddhavacana
- To generate a fund for promoting Buddhavacana at WatNapahpong

Objectives of The Buddhakos Foundation:

1. Publicizing the Buddha's discourses and promoting progress in Buddhism2. Organizing all functions and deeds according to the Teaching and Discipline proclaimed by the Buddha3. Cooperating with all charity organizations upholding similar purposes4. Being obliged to no political parties, not indulging in gambling, not working for profit
5. Conserving the morality and ethics of Buddhist culture